Moving Southern Maine Forward

In 2017 the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS) and Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) partnered with the region's seven public transit agencies to complete "Moving Southern Maine Forward: Regional Transit Development Plan for 2018-2023 (PDF)". 

This plan identifies ways to improve the capacity of the current transit network, and examines challenges and future opportunities that exist across multiple transit providers in Southern Maine. The public engagement process included a transit survey focused on gathering feedback from existing riders, a series of focus groups, and employer interviews.

The plan identified 13 recommendations. GPCOG staff solicited input from PACTS members, the PACTS Planning Committee, the Transportation and Community Well-Being Network, and private sector stakeholders to identify the highest priority recommendations for implementation in the region. In December 2018, the PACTS Transit Committee identified, and committed to participating in the planning effort for, the following top priorities: 

Top Priorities 

A. Improve connections between routes and schedules 

B. Increase awareness of options with a dedicated website and improved apps

Lesser Priorities 

C. Explore the creation of a regional fare payment system 

D. Explore integration between transit agencies

Happens anyway, all the time, no matter what 

E. Search for other funding sources

The Transit Team at GPCOG kicked off implementation of the recommendations in Moving Southern Maine Forward with an event in June 2019 -  learn more by visiting the Stupendous Tournament of Transit page.

Now, GPCOG/PACTS is embarking on a study—Transit Together—to examine opportunities for increased strategic partnerships, coordination, and integration within the region's transit system. See the Request for Proposals, Part A and Part B, for more information.