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What is Transit Tomorrow?

Transit Tomorrow is an ambitious 30-year strategic plan for enhancing public transportation in the Greater Portland region. The plan proposes a four-part strategy that includes the goals of making transit easier, creating more frequent connections throughout the region, improving rapid transit opportunities, and implementing transit-friendly land use policies that support more development in our villages and downtowns already served by transit.

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Transit Tomorrow Plan

Or listen to a short (15 min.) summary of the plan's vision and recommendations:

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* Adopted by the PACTS Policy Committee on March 2, 


  • Vision and Goals Memo: This memo to the project advisory committee outlines the process for developing the plan’s vision statement and goals.
  • Recent Plans and Studies: A full review of all relevant recent plans and studies as well as a peer region analysis conducted by AECOM.
  • “What is Scenario Planning?” Factsheet: A one-page factsheet explaining the scenario planning process.
  • Scenario Planning Results: A full summary of AECOM’s scenario planning exercise.
  • Upcoming Transit Projects: A list of all projects either ongoing or upcoming for each transit agency.
  • Imagining Transit Tomorrow: A report evaluating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Southern Maine’s transit future.
  • FTA FAST Act Funding Opportunities: A table identifying FTA FAST Act funding opportunities relevant to the recommendations and action steps outlined in Transit Tomorrow.
  • Public Comments: This table documents the public comments received in response to the draft plan as well as responses from the project team.

Project Advisory Committee

The project advisory committee consisted of representatives from municipalities, transit agencies, community-based organizations, developers, and businesses. The project team held regular meetings with the committee, asked for feedback at key decision points, and collaborated with committee members along the way to develop the plan’s vision and recommendations. Visit the Project Advisory Committee page to learn more about the committee’s involvement in shaping the plan.

Visit the Transit Tomorrow Public Advisory Committee Page

In the News

Learn More About Transit Trends

The following videos were prepared by AECOM to highlight key trends impacting transportation in the Greater Portland region.