Mobility Liaisons

Mobility Liaisons are individuals who have personal experience with mobility and transportation challenges (this might be because of disability, age, income, language, or other reasons), the ability to describe challenges faces by themselves and their peers, and a solutions-oriented and problem-solving mindset.

Mobility Liaisons share their expertise and ideas with the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) through volunteering with the Mobility For All program. Activities include:

  • Co-developing and co-facilitating the Community Transportation Leaders program
  • Assisting with focus groups
  • Collecting feedback
  • Promoting surveys
  • Recruiting other stakeholders

Current Mobility Liaisons

  • Mireille Kabongo, since 2017
  • Michael King, since 2019
  • Derek O’Brien, since 2019 
  • Karen Perry, since 2017
  • Bud Buzzell, since 2019
  • David Lawrence, since 2019
  1. Zoe Miller

    Director of Community Engagement
    Phone: (207) 774-9891, ext 227

  1. Marcel Ntagora

    Planning & Outreach Associate
    Phone: (603) 320-4938