High Crash Locations Study

An aerial photo of a high crash intersection at Morrills Corner in Portland

The Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS) is undertaking the “High Crash Locations Assessment” to improve the safety of High Crash Locations (HCLs) in its 18-member municipal region. GPCOG staff will work with local officials and staff, MaineDOT, and VHB to improve safety at 23 sites in the PACTS region.

Results of Project

The final report will provide a summary, visuals, and cost estimates for MaineDOT, PACTS, and its member municipalities to use as a guide toward implementing constructible solutions that will yield tangible safety improvements.


  • Phase I - Desktop Assessments: Complete
  • Phase II - Road Safety Audits: 2021-2022

Phase I

In 2019 the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) and project consultant VHB worked with the PACTS Technical Committee to:

  • Identify highest priority HCLs in the PACTS region
  • Complete a preliminary desktop review of 23 sites and identify safety improvements for each site
  • Recommend sites to be included in Phase II

VHB and GPCOG completed Phase I of the study over the summer of 2020. The desktop assessments are available as a full report for the PACTS region, or as separate reports for the four PACTS subregions.

Read the full PACTS VHB HCL Desktop Assessment Report (PDF)

Read the PACTS VHB Central Region Desktop Assessment Report (PDF)

Read the PACTS VHB Northern Region Desktop Assessment Report (PDF)

Read the PACTS VHB Southern Region Desktop Assessment Report (PDF)

Read the PACTS VHB Western Region Desktop Assessment Report (PDF)