Municipal Partnership Initiative

The Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System’s (PACTS) Municipal Partnership Initiative (MPI) builds upon the Maine Department of Transportation’s (MaineDOT) successful Municipal Partnership Initiative (MPI) byusing PACTS’ annual allocation of state money to be matched with a minimum fifty percent (50%) local funds for road reconstruction or rehabilitation projects. The PACTS MPI is designed to fund collector or arterial roadway projects, and to focus on bringing substandard roads up to PACTS’ and MaineDOT’s minimum standards thereby having the completed segment(s) eligible for future pavement preservation programs. Preservation, modernization and expansion aspects of these roads for safely accommodating all transportation modes are also eligible uses of the PACTS MPI funds.

Projects funded through PACTS, either with state or federal funding, need to, in some part, support the goals of PACTS’ long-range plan, Connect 2045. While the intent of the program has always been to reconstruct or rehabilitate collectors and arterials, pavement preservation projects are eligible for these funds; however, roads anticipated to be eligible for funding under the collector paving program are not eligible for MPI funding.  

When reasonable and appropriate, roads funded under the MPI program should consider improvements which are over and above the minimum road standards, such as inclusion of new or improved sidewalks, granite, or concrete slipform curb vs. bituminous curb, additional shoulder width for wider paved shoulders or bike lanes, traffic calming, and intersection improvements. All PACTS MPI projects must comply with the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) requirements and consider state and municipal Complete Street Policies.

Click here to view the PACTS Municipal Partnership Initiative projects from the 2020 construction year.

Click here to view the PACTS Municipal Partnership Initiative projects approved for 2021 and 2022.

Further Information

For more information read the PACTS MPI Policy (PDF) and read MaineDOT's Municipal Partnership Initiative Municipal Guide (PDF), visit MaineDOT's webpage, or contact the staff listed on the right side of this page.

For Municipalities

The PACTS MPI Submission Form (Survey Monkey) for municipalities wishing to submit projects for funding consideration.

Use the PACTS MPI Checklist (Excel) to streamline the project reimbursement process.