Greater Portland Resilience Exchange


A hub for exchanging resources during a time of economic disruption

The Greater Portland Resilience Exchange is a platform for exchanging available resources, assets, materials, and human capital to supplement the need of local government, emergency response, health care and other community services. It serves as a hub of information and matchmaking for both public and private stakeholders in the region.  

How it works

The Exchange matches resources at underutilized entities (small businesses, institutions, non-profits) with overwhelmed entities (hospitals, clinics, local government). 

Tell us what you need and what you can offer

Underutilized entities (providers) document available resources, such as people. space, facilities, equipment, skill sets and vehicles. Overwhelmed entities (users) document their needs that could be fulfilled through non-essential people or services.

Providers and users can contact each other directly. Exchange administrators can also match entities while adding a layer of complementary resources, such as capital and administrative capacity.

 Please fill out a survey. Click on the circle that best describes your organization.

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