ARPA Project Applications

The PACTS region received approximately $8.1 million under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to support the transit industry during the pandemic. In August 2021, the PACTS Policy Board launched a call for projects for these funds, to be evaluated and prioritized according to the Transportation Funding Framework. 

The applications are being reviewed and scored. The Policy Board is tentatively scheduled to review the final selection in March 2022.

The following applications were received:

Additional information about the scoring process is included in the following memos to the Policy Board:

01.21.22: ARPA Transit Funding – Scoring and Selection Process (PDF)

01.31.22: ARPA Transit Funding – Scoring and Selection Process (PDF)

Scoring results:

Scoring results of proposed transit projects

Funding Status

At its March 2022 meeting, the Policy Board approved a funding strategy for the region's American Rescue Plan Act funds. The strategy included funding for a number of projects as prioritized by the Transportation Funding Framework, and approximately $1 million in operations and maintenance funding for Casco Bay Lines and NNEPRA. The split letter documenting this funding allocation remains unsigned by each of the region's designated recipients, so the funding has not been released by Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Based on feedback regarding the project selection process from several of the region's transit agencies, and because the framework is subject to regular review and updating, at its May 2022 meeting, the Policy Board formed the Funding Framework Task Force to review the framework and make recommendations for improvement. Several agencies have indicated that this review is requisite to their signing the split letter. Recommendations from this group were approved by the Policy Board at its October 2022 meeting.

PACTS has received letters from several municipalities in the region urging PACTS and the region's transit agencies to complete all processes to sign and submit the split letter to ensure the funding is released and the projects can begin.

· November 11, 2022—Yarmouth

· December 1, 2022—Brunswick

· December 1, 2022—Falmouth

· December 5, 2022—Westbrook