Town of Falmouth Bucknam Road Traffic Analysis

The purpose of this study is to analyze traffic operations at the intersection of Bucknam Road/Falmouth Road and Middle Road (Route 9) in the Town of Falmouth. 

This intersection is part of a major commuter route for residents of Falmouth, Cumberland, and North Yarmouth that provides access to I-295. As a result, it experiences heavy directional peak hour volumes. As recently as 2019 during the weekday AM peak hours, queues from this intersection have spilled back to the newly constructed roundabout at the intersection of Woods Road, (Route 9) Middle Road and Longwoods Road, which could cause gridlock of that roundabout.

The intersection of Bucknam Road/Falmouth Road and Middle Road (Route 9) has been studied multiple times by the Town since 2005. One of the studies evaluated an alternative of a double-lane roundabout. But that concept was dismissed due to the high cost and magnitude of right-of-way impacts. 

In 2021, Falmouth applied to PACTS for funding to construct improvements to this intersection. Because of the age of the previous studies, MaineDOT requested that the traffic study be updated.