MOU with MaineDOT

Recognizing the challenges of advancing regional goals and priorities through a relatively small funding allocation, PACTS committee and board members have continuously expressed a desire to think more holistically about our region’s transportation system, helping ensure that our transportation investments advance our regional goals and projects/priorities and maximize benefits for the public.

MaineDOT, too, has acknowledged the challenges of the current system and recently outlined a new Proposal, centering on six (6) initiatives, which will potentially serve as a foundational element for the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between MaineDOT and the state’s metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), of which PACTS is the largest and unique in its roles and responsibilities.

Learn more about MaineDOT's proposal here.

In response, the GPCOG Team provided some additional background and input on the proposal. Learn more about GPCOG's response here.

PACTS members, partners, and the public are welcome to provide written feedback at