Transit Together

Transit Together is a study that identifies opportunities for increased coordination and integration among the seven public transit providers in the Greater Portland region. The study continues the implementation of Transit Tomorrow—the region's long-range transit plan—and its goals to: make transit easier, create frequent connections, invest in rapid transit, and create transit-friendly places. 

Why Is Transit Together Important? 

The region's transit network—comprised of seven transit agencies including three fixed-route bus providers, two demand response/paratransit providers, one rail provider, and one ferry provider—was developed on an ad hoc basis over time. Transit Together is a set of cost-neutral recommendations that aim to create a unified transit system. These recommendations provide more frequent service, better connections, enhanced rider experience, and increased coordination among the different agencies. 

What's In Transit Together? 

There are two components to Transit Together: the Recommended Service Plan and Regional InitiativesThe Recommended Service Plan outlines a network that best matches transit service with demand. This new network focuses on improving the frequency of service, making routes simpler and more direct, increasing access to jobs, services, and multimodal connections. The Regional Initiatives identifies opportunities for enhanced coordination among the agencies. These initiatives focus on creating a unified regional transit brand, improving accessibility at transit stops and hubs, and integrating technology systems to improve riders' ability to access information and plan their trip. 

Below are the final documents that outline both the Recommended Service Plan and Regional Initiatives: 

Study Documents

  • State of Regional Transitprovides an overview of the state of Greater Portland's regional public transit system. More detailed information can be found in the following companion documents: 
  • Market Analysisassesses transit demand in the Greater Portland region.
  • Existing Servicedescribes the current condition of the regional transit system. 
  • Regional Service & Delivery Coordinationdescribes the individual transit agencies in the Greater Portland region, their past and ongoing coordination efforts, and common challenges and opportunities. 

What's Next? 

Transit Together includes approximately 60 recommendations for improving transit service in the region.

The party responsible for implementing a recommendation varies. Some can be implemented by individual agencies, some can be implemented through cross-agency collaboration, and some can be implemented through regional and statewide collaboration. Some recommendations are closely related, and some may require other recommendations be completed first. The Implementation Roadmap shows the relationships between the recommendations. The region's transit agencies and PACTS' Transit Task Force are beginning to identify priority projects to advance.


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