Environmental Justice

As a recipient of federal funding, the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS) follows the environmental justice policy guidance for Federal Transit Administration Recipients outlined in Circular C 4703.1. PACTS is committed to incorporating environmental justice principles into plan, projects, and activities that receive funding from FTA. 

The Equitable Target Area (ETA) index featured on the PACTS Civils Rights Dashboard was developed by PACTS to identify potential concentrations of environmental justice communities into he Greater Portland region. The index is based on the following categories: Birthplace & Citizenship; Race & Ethnicity; Income Level; Vehicle Access; English Ability; Older Adults; and People with Disabilities. ETAs are calculated by determining the number of the above categories in which a census tract's population exceeds the regional percentage. 

The data in the analysis was obtained from the American Community Survey's five-year estimate, 2017 - 2021, and was aggregated at the census tract level. Each parameter received equal weighting in the resulting composite index. Areas that scored higher in the index's regional score were determined to be ETA communities, and were subsequently categorized into three levels of ETA "concentrations": Medium ETA, High ETA and Very High ETA.