Resilience Corps


Name Title Email
Ambroiggio, Mia Sustainability Fellow, South Portland Office of Sustainability
Castle-Miller, Haley Economic Opportunity Fellow, City of Portland Office of Economic Opportunity
Cobb, Charlie Active Transportation Fellow, Portland Trails
Crossgrove, Courtney Climate Resilience Finance Fellow, New England Environmental Finance Center
Luning, Claire Land Use and Transportation Planning Fellow, GPCOG
Meneses, Sammie Environmental Resilience Fellow
Oliva, Joe Community Broadband Fellow, GPCOG
Sinclair , Lucy Transportation and GIS Fellow
Stetich, Josee Coastal Resilience Fellow, Casco Bay Estuary Partnership
Wright, Addie Community Rewilding Fellow
Zakian, Max Climate Action Planning Fellow (Falmouth Office of Sustainability, GPCOG)