Resilience Corps


Name Title Email Phone
Carnell, Atticus Climate Action Fellow, GPCOG  
Dubovsky, Juliana Regional Planning Fellow, GPCOG  
Flaherty, Catherine Small Business Support Fellow, City of Portland  
Hall, Eric Data/Digital Services Fellow, Town of Standish  
Huang, Una Outreach Fellow, Casco Bay Lines and GPCOG  
Guerra, Maria Air Quality Fellow, Maine DEP  
McCool, Clara Broadband Equity Fellow, Towns of Harrison/Naples  
Murphy, Catie Events and Communications Fellow, GPCOG  
Parker, Will Outreach Fellow, GPCOG  
Rehberg, Kelly Regional Planning Fellow, GPCOG  
Robinson, Patrick Economic Development Fellow, GPCOG  
Starr, Matthew Community Development Fellow, Cumberland County  
Tripp, Madeline Enviro. Resilience Fellow, Casco Bay Estuary  
Zorn, Casey Sustainability Fellow, City of Portland