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Resilience Exchange — Users

  1. Section 1: Contact Information
  2. Do you currently have a loan with GPCOG?*
  3. Section 2: Facility Space
  4. 1. Is there need for extra facility space?
  5. 2. Clarify space needed. Please select all that apply.
  6. Section 3: Transportation
  7. 1. Do you have transportation needs?
  8. Section 4: Equipment Needs
  9. 1. Is there need for extra equipment?
  10. Section 5: Extra Food
  11. 1. Is there need for extra food?
  12. Section 6: Extra Supplies
  13. 1. Is there need for extra supplies?
  14. Section 7: Extra Personnel
  15. 1. Is there need for extra personnel?
  16. Section 8: Additional Resources or Assets
  17. 1. Is there need for additional resources or assets?
  18. Thank you so much for filling out this form!
    Someone from GPREx staff and our Resilience Corps team will be reaching out as soon as possible for a more nuanced conversation.
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